Our primary services have been developed for supporting the character education efforts of Florida’s elementary schools, where character education is a state mandate for all students. Our goal is to lighten the load placed on the shoulders of classroom teachers by providing a pro-active and systematic plan to teach 36 character qualities over a four-year cycle.

Applied CHARACTER Training provides the core instruction for each monthly character quality. Teachers are then able to reference these lessons to encourage character application and to motivate good character.
Because character is important for everyone, we provide training and character building resources for the entire school community including elementary students, their parents, teachers, and all school staff.


The core character lessons for elementary students can be presented each month using interactive and memorable large group character assemblies or through short daily lessons provided via e-mail. Coloring sheets, trading cards, and monthly student guides are also available for students.


Special character training is available to assist parents in understanding how to encourage and motivate character development on the home front. Many character building books and resources are available for parents. One resource, a monthly character bulletin subscription, highlights the same character quality being studied at school and comes with an on-line character library. This library is packed with ideas for building character at home and includes coloring sheets, posters, wallpaper, quotes, and stories related to specific character traits. Follow-up videos are also prepared so that parents can reinforce each character quality.


A Character Training Seminar is offered to help teachers better understand principles of character development and learn effective methods to encourage and motivate good character in the classroom. Seminar topics include: “What is Character?”, “How is Character Developed”, “Character vs. Achievement”, “How to Praise Character”, “Character-Based Correction”, and “Getting Started”. Follow-up videos are also prepared for review and reinforcement in the classroom.

Applied CHARACTER Training utilizes the character education curriculum, training, and resources developed by the Character Training Institute and Character First! This curriculum includes a teacher binder, craft ideas, music CDs, large or small poster sets, student trading cards, and coloring sheets.

School Staff:

We encourage everyone to participate in developing a culture of character at your school. Secretaries, janitorial staff, food preparation personal, healthcare providers, and others working in your school can receive the monthly character bulletin (see Parents) and learn the importance of character in each area of the school community.

Organizations and groups interested in character education may include:

elementary schools (public and private), home-schools, non-profits, summer camps, pre-schools, family events, faith-based children’s ministries, youth sports leagues, civic organizations, and anyone interested in understanding and developing good character.