“Our student referrals are down by 70% this year! I attribute this to the impact of the monthly character assemblies provided by Applied CHARACTER Training.” – Public School Principal

“Mr. Peterson tells the stories related to the character traits in such
a way that the students are captivated. They remember the
information and are able to apply the traits to their own behavior in
the classroom.” – Private School Teacher

“Thank you so much the impact that you have on our students each
month. We eagerly look forward to hearing your presentation on
the monthly character trait” – Third Grade Teacher

“It is exciting to see the children listen attentively and actively
participate in each character assembly.” – Elementary Teacher

“Applied Character Training has had a very positive impact on our
school. We are developing a school-wide culture of character.”
– School Principal

“Applied Character Training has helped to develop an awareness of
positive character traits in our young students. I am impressed with
the pertinence of the information for my students.”
– Kindergarten Teacher

“Through simple demonstrations using volunteers from the
audience, Mr. Peterson makes each character quality become clear
to the students.” – Elementary Teacher

“The children leave each assembly with an understanding of the
character trait. We are able to build upon the initial presentation
throughout the month.” – Second Grade Teacher

“We all enjoy the character education program and look forward to
the assemblies each month”. – Kindergarten Teacher

“I never thought about my character until hearing you today. After the assembly I realize that my character stinks and I really need to do something about it.” – Junior High Student

“The character qualities are presented in a way that students can
understand and want to acquire. It’s so important to build that
foundation for each student.” – Fourth Grade Teacher

“Every student should be taught these character traits! It’s great to
have your team present a new trait each month.” – Fifth Grade Teacher

“My students have been challenged and are growing due to the
monthly character assemblies.” – Third Grade Teacher

“Thank you so much for your time spent this summer. The children
really enjoy your program and can’t wait to see you every
Wednesday!” – Summer Camp Counselor

“Character is vital for academic achievement. Each year the Applied CHARACTER Training assemblies and resources are included in our academic budget.” – Private School Principal

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